Haunted Dorm


You enter a dorm, and the dorm is haunted.
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Sep 27, 2022
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You enter a dorm, and the dorm is haunted.
But don't worry, I've got some help for you.

Maybe you're wondering what the hell is this? This is a horror style tower defense strategy original game.
Do you want to challenge yourself? Want to vent your stress? Whatever you want, I can help you get it, as long as you lie down on this bed.

Back to the topic, this is a free horror-style tower defense strategy game.
In the game, players need to avoid the pursuit of ghosts and find a suitable dormitory to escape.
Build turrets by developing the economy and fend off evil spirits.
In the game, players can only build on the empty floor in the room. After the empty floor is clicked, the building menu will pop up.
In the game, players need to selectively build buildings according to their own economic conditions, so as to expand their advantages step by step.
If the player defeats the ghost, the game will be won, and if the player is eliminated by the ghost, the game will be lost.

What's new

1.New skins
2.New Seven Monsters Mode : Stop Turret AttackEarth TravelerRestore HPSlam DoorPhantomsFast SpeedSummoner
3.New story maps: Reclaim GhostCatch All at a TimePreventable and ControllableOnly One will Survive
4.New Kitten Mystery Box: Randomly becomes an item, which can only be used in Ice & Snow Map.


Version Size Requirements Date
1.1.4 - 7.0 14/07/2022


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